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Anniversary Project for SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP
Product Design, Consultation

For SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP. which celebrates the 90th anniversary, we had an idea to rebrand their traditional pastels to be a new iconic product. Not only as a product, but we also aimed it to become one artwork.

sakura craypas japan


By putting pastels into clear acrylic boxes, viewers can enjoy a gradient of colors. 

There are 28 patterns of cubes and you can enjoy choosing your favorite colours to display.

Then you can also have fun with hundreds of ways to arrange your cubes.

crayon stationary
acryl product design
curioswitch creative agency

Colours of Cubes

A gradient of each cube refreshes our view to understand the deepness of colours. High technology to produce great qualities of pastels keeps the beautiful gradient.

pastel cube

Wooden Pastel Case

28 cubes are stored in a wooden case with white gloves and waste close. 

700 colors are stored in this box. The surface is made by suede and it still keeps the sophistication of cubes.

party direction Japan quality

Opening Party - Experience Design

We planned a party for the 100th anniversary. 

Designed the whole direction of the party, including space, food, drinks, and other details such as lighting.

We are still continuing to assist SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP  as an advisor.

experience design
スクリーンショット 2019-10-23 18.24.01.png
sakura high-technology
konoe tadahiro artwork

Photo (Product): Emi Kumagai - http://emipic.me/

Photo (Reception): Daisuke Akita - https://www.daisukeakita.com/

Flower: Blooms & Stripes - https://bloom-and-stripes.com/

Catering Food: Transit 

Catering Drinks: Le Pont de Ciel- http://pont-de-ciel.co.jp/en/top

Japanese Sweets: Toraya - https://global.toraya-group.co.jp/

Space Design: Noriyuki Asano (NPU) - http://neplusultra.jp/

Creative Director: Tadahiro Konoe

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